Save Kentucky Healthcare, an effort led by former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, is committed to continuing Kentucky’s dramatic success in expanding health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Despite insuring half a million Kentuckians for the first time, partisan politics threatens to reverse Kentucky’s gains by dismantling the state’s model health exchange.

Please support Governor Beshear’s ongoing vision to make affordable, quality health care available to every Kentuckian, from Paducah to Pikeville and in every community in between. If critics of the Affordable Care Act can turn back the clock in Kentucky, the state with the most successful health insurance expansion in the nation, they can do it almost anywhere. We must not allow that to happen.

Make your voice heard. Sign Save Kentucky Healthcare's petition to let new Governor Matt Bevin know you want smart, sensible healthcare policy in the state of Kentucky!




With Health Care Switch, Kentucky Ventures Into the Unknown

"...Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky plans to shut down the health insurance exchange his state built to enroll residents for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Now that he has notified the Obama administration of his intention to do so, the question is, will it change the law’s substantial impact there?"

Results don’t lie; Medicaid expansion benefits Kentucky

"...It is a simple fact that Medicaid expansion is an enormous economic win for Kentucky and every other state that has chosen to participate — and basic math explains why."

Kentucky, once an Obamacare success story, now moves to shut it down

"...Critics and nonpartisan health-care policy analysts question how much money Bevin will actually save in dismantling Kentucky's health-care exchange -- and at what cost to Kentuckians, who have used the popular health-care exchange to get insured in record numbers."