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10.06.16 - Save Kentucky Healthcare Letter to HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell - Click Here

10.06.16 - Save Kentucky Healthcare Submits Public Comments Opposing Bevin Waiver Proposal


10.04.16 - Save Kentucky Healthcare Statement:

“This morning, HHS granted approval for Gov. Bevin to transition kynect, Kentucky’s successful state-based exchange to a federal platform, but not without warning him about the high risk of user delays, gaps in coverage, and anticipated confusion as Kentuckians attempt to adjust to a more complicated system. HHS acknowledged the successes of kynect, which has helped more than 500,000 Kentuckians gain access to insurance for the first time over the past three years, and study after study has found the current system sustainable and affordable. It is disappointing that Gov. Bevin is once again putting his rigid right wing ideology ahead of the health and well-being of Kentuckians.“


8.24.16 - Save Kentucky Healthcare Statement:

"Today the Bevin Administration submitted its Kentucky HEALTH waiver proposal to the Dept. of Health and Human Services. The proposal contains a work requirement and imposes premiums on very low-income individuals, two conditions that HHS has said it would not approve. By submitting this waiver proposal, which threatens to move Kentucky’s nation-leading progress in health backwards, Gov. Bevin is putting his own political ideology ahead of the health and well being of hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians."



Save Kentucky Healthcare has voiced real concerns to Governor Matt Bevin and Slyvia Burwell, Secretary of Health and Human Services, around the process by which changes to Medicaid were being pursued in Kentucky. We are heartened by HHS's reassurance that the waiver process is designed to improve coverage and access to healthcare, and not limit it.

Governor Steve Beshear's Open-Letter to Secretary Burwell - 05/09/16 - Click Here

Secretary Burwell's Response to Governor Steve Beshear - 07/21/16 - Click Here


Secretary of Health and Human Services, Sylvia Burwell, raises serious doubts and concerns regarding the Bevin Administration's ability to transition from Kynect to the federal exchange this year. 

Secretary Burwell's Response to Governor Matt Bevin - 07/20/16 - Click Here


Statement from Save Kentucky Healthcare: June 22, 2016
Gov. Matt Bevin declared war on Kentucky’s working families today by announcing his intentions to take away health benefits, increase costs and institute unwieldy requirements for those families to keep health coverage. And if the federal government refuses to accept these draconian changes, he threatened to kick hundreds of thousands of working Kentuckians off of health care.

Gov. Bevin seems woefully unaware of what Kentuckians on expanded Medicaid -- and that's construction workers, substitute teachers, nurses’ aides, farmers, our neighbors, friends and family - do every day to support their families while still being able to take their children to the doctor.

Gov. Bevin still cannot and will not explain how any of these changes will lead to better health, and he ignores a mountain of third-party evidence demonstrating that the system he inherited is not only effective but also sustainable. And contrary to his statement, it is up to Gov. Bevin himself to decide whether to terminate expansion, not the federal government – and the accountability for that decision will lie on his shoulders. Our families deserve better than these petty threats. 

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